Review for Stage Check

Today’s weather was nice. After being denied by low ceiling for 3 appointments, I finally got to fly 811JD again.

Our goal today was to review maneuvers.

Highlights first:

  • Good take-off and landing;
  • Good radio communication;
  • Everything else needs brush-ups.

The pre maneuver (before clearing turns) check list is LCGUMPPS:

Lights, Carburetor Heat, Gas, Undercarriage, Mixture, Pump, Pressure, Seat Belt.

The emergency procedure is:


To get to best glide speed, Bob said 4 cranks of trim would do the trick to get to 70 knots. I shall try it next time.

To find the best field, we should not look too long. We need to make a decision fast and head over right away. Knowing the nearby airport is also important. If we are high, we can circle in the direction of traffic pattern and descend.

Checklist sequence:

Carb out, mixture rich, verify gas, check magneto individually.


Stall practices needs more brush-ups.

I need to hold nose up more for a cleaner break then recover.

I should not use aileron to correct direction but instead use rudder.

I should not be worried of the flaps coming up all the way; stopping it at 10 degrees would be nice but not necessary.

It was a little too much to swallow, beat my illusion of a nice stage check. Reasonably speaking, I haven’t being flying for a while due to weather constraints, and I haven’t practiced these maneuvers lately, but I have done better jobs in the past. That was why I wasn’t satisfied in my performance today. I will make these points memorized and going to the stage check tomorrow with Tom. Going to find out what he has to say.