Patient to Learn Power Management

Last Sunday we could not fly out to practice stalls because of low clouds and possible development of thunderstorms. Instead, we practiced landing in the pattern. Bob wants me to focus on power management as I tend to lower the power way more out in the pattern.

The scenario was that on base I thought I was ok with altitude, and then I made a power change so I dropped altitude. And for some strange reasons during turns I always pull the yoke back, so I got slow. Therefore, I became low and slow. Then on final, I had to push in a lot of power to drag myself in to the runway. I was on the back side of power curve, which means I could not climb unless I push nose down to build airspeed. I would not have to do so if I did not pull back power earlier or if I kept my airspeed. The practice will be on smooth approach throughout the pattern.

With that objective, we went out to fly. Bob prescribed some power settings for me, but it is needs monitor and adjustment throughout the turns. Basically I learned that I better not change the power setting too much until absolutely needed the change, and I shouldn’t change the power too dramatically. With this in mind, I look forward to more practice next weekend.