Switches, Showers, Cross Winds

We were going to practice stalls, but thunderstorms were coming our way again. So it was a practice of cross wind and power management.

When taxining, we saw a Moony landed on 22, with the special backward tail. At run-up, we found a fouled magneto, the left ran very rough. To fix it, we ran up the power to 2000, then leaned the mixture to increase engine  temperature for a few minutes to melt the lead. Then the take off was not to the best standard as I forgot to putt left aileron, and lift off on the left wheel.

Our first circle was left pattern, which was a first time for me on 22. With different perspective it was an interesting experience. As we abeamed the number, there were some shower coming down. I tried not to pay too much attention and focus on my landing, but the as I tried the crab method, I didn’t have enough aileron input, so we had lot of side load.

Then on the go, we were switched to run way 10 for the rest of the training because of the wind. I was trying to keep power in for longer time, so that I would not have risk of falling behind power curve, but today, carrying some power was a good idea above the runway so that we will have some wind wash to make rudder effective. I did not understand for some reason I froze a couple times on the landing, especially during a few bounces, I remembered to keep my attitude, but I should also put some power in to soften the second touch down. And I think, some rest is a good idea now.