Stalls at 5500 Ft (Sep 2)

Before Hurricane Hermine hit us, I did a quick flight to practice stalls.


  • Flying above the clouds, and practice stalls.
  • Rapid descending at 2000ft/min.

I stepped on someone on the radio once we switched from ATIS to Ground. I should have waited a moment before key in.

Up north we go from runway 4. Had too much right rudder, and I was way to the right of the runway. We cruised to the edge of Wanaque at 2500 ft then climbed to 3500. But at 3500 we were not 500 below clouds, so we kept climbing to 4500, still close to clouds, then we climbed up to 5500.

Setting up slow flight was like perfect. We stabilized at 50 kts, then we pulled out the power, established a 500 ft/min descend attitude. Because our airspeed was slow, once we raised the nose the stall warning horn went off. Seconds later, buffeting. Soon, my nose could not hold up attitude anymore. The procedure dictates immediately nose level, full power, flaps up, carb heat in, and stop flaps if we can (Bob demonstrated once when he fully retracted flaps without stopping at 10 degrees). The first goal is to build airspeed up to Vx or Vy, then keep the air speed there until we have positive climb before retract all flaps.

Once we have the procedure in place, everything became smooth and easy. After a few practices it was time to head back. Since we stayed near Wanaque/Greenwood Lake Airport area it wouldn’t take long to enter Class Bravo. As we head back southeast we had to descend 2000+ feet before the south shore of Wanaque. We pulled power idle, and idled to descend. Airspeed built up to almost 120 kts and descending rate was 2000ft/min. Unable to reach 3000 or lower before leaving Wanaque, we had to spiral 360.

The landing was mediocre. The approach to field could improve. I pulled power little bit too much after passing Lincoln Park. I should have kept 1700 RPM. The result was that I had a dip about 50 ft on downwind. The reaction was quickly nose up and some power. This reaction resulted a little bit fast, so we weren’t really descending past ¬†abeam number. So the final was high.

A side note about Spin. In case we need to recover, the procedure is PARE: Power Idle, Aileron Neutral, Rudder opposite to spin, Elevator Neutral.