Lost Procedures, Engine Failures, and Bird Strikes, Oh My!

First, I would like to start by saying that I have never touched a simulator until I came to train at Fischer.  I was certainty out of my element to say the least.  However, I still managed to land to plane safely in a open field during an engine failure and my navigation using the VORs was almost spot on even with a 25kts cross wind.  Tom was impressed but we both know it was more or less accidental to my benefit.  On the sim, we also practiced  spin recoveries and for the grande finale, a bird strike on the final landing!

The whole time, I couldn’t help but to laugh at my mistakes as I quickly found that flying on the sim has a stiff learning curve to it!  It definitely requires a gentle touch, something I am still working to develop.  Whenever I get frustrated or nervous I tend to have a death grip on the yoke.

In my opinion, I think the fact that the sim is unexpected makes it seem more realistic.  While everything seems to be perfectly fine, the next minute an engine fails, there’s a bird strike, or weather worsens.

I would like to be completely honest here.  When I trained under my former instructor,  I always questioned my abilities as I pilot.  I had little confidence in myself and was unsure if I could recover from a potentially fatal situation.  Spending time on the sim put my mind at ease.   I feel far more prepared to handle unexpected and dangerous situations knowing that I can now rely on my training to safely recover.  I have been making so much progress with Tom lately.  I am really looking forward to our lessons as he gives me the desire to learn more.