Lesson 5: First Flight at Fischer with Bob

I decided to give Fischer a try, as seems the reviews are so great about it. I knew Tom was super busy and mostly the time are booked. So I discussed with Jodi, who suggested that Bob is as the same good.

I took the introductory flight with Bob — and on cherokee N6462R. I liked it very much, seems it is better for taxi (or easier — except the hand break. I have to switch my right hand between hand break and throttle back and forth).  It shows everything in mph, not kts, which is also off from what I have experienced from C172R. Other than that, it went smoothly, and I feel great, and I decided to switch the school.

T/O 60 mph to rotate, 78mph for climbing

We did some steep turns where it seems my first time to flight over 40 degrees.  Then we tried some power off stalls — it seems needing more right rudder than the C172R (or maybe my previous instructor did that for me so I did not feel it).

The landing is quite different, as the flaps are manual.