Lesson 7: Back to C172M, I like it again

06/15/2014. Instructor: Bob S. Time: 1.3, T/O 2, Landings 2

My first day on 811JD, actually I like it. Other than the 172R that I was trained in another school, this 172M seems more friendly to me.  I felt more comfortable. During the taxi, no need to switch between the hand break and throttle as I had to do on the cherokee 6462R.  And the Taxi is no longer an issue for me on C172 now — at least not on 811JD.

Saw two helicopters coming in and landing straight in front of me during out pre-flight.

During the run-up, the left magnetos seems over react — turn ignition to left, caused 200RPM drop other than a good 75RPM. Bob cleared that for me by doing several operations that I don’t understand — hope I will catch them next time.

T/O: Hold the breaks, add to full power smoothly, then release the foot break. Using rudder to fix the direction, and 52 kts, to rotate; climbing at 70 kts.

After T/O, we head to north, reaching greenwood lake, 3,500ft. Then I tried the power-off stall, slow flight, steep turns.  Most of them went well. I like the power-off stall, the feeling is more moderate than it on cherokee.

Bob let me do all the communication before the take-off, and as weapproached back, I call for landing clearance as well — although the response from tower is something I never expected that there are some passing through traffic cut right in between us and caldwell — seems small Jet going to land in MMU. So we have to climb up a little bit, and going back into the pattern. That led to my first landing too high. Bob did some “aerobatics” to reduce the altitude for me.  We planned a touch-and-go. But we did a full-stop. Then back to runway 28, and T/O. We stay in the pattern, today is also my first time right turn pattern. I tried the approach. Bob said the approach was good. During the landing, I think my flare part is not good. Bob cut in and helped. However, I feel great, as it is my first time handle the approach this good. :)

ATIS: Serria, Wind variable 6kts, visibility 10SM, SKC, few 12,000, temp/dew 26/11, altimeter 30.06. Runway 22/28 — we used the RW28.

Taxi call: Caldwell Grnd, Skyhawk 811Julie Delta, Fischer Aviation, request Taxi to active, with Serria, VFR northbound

Grnd: 811Julie Delta, RW28 via November

Tower call: Caldwell Tower, Skyhawk 811 Julie Delta, runway 28, ready to T/O, VFR northbound

Tower: 811JD, hold short for traffic

Tower: 811JD, line up and wait

Tower: 811JD, clear to take off

Then before approaching:

Caldwell Approach, skyhawk 811JD, 9 miles north, approaching with Tango