Lesson 8: Landing at Greenwood Lake (4N1)

My first time on N5253R — it is slightly different from N811JD.

We did some power off stalls, then power on stalls. Then Bob asked me cut the power to idle, maintaining the glide speed (75mph ?) to simulate engine failure. Then we landed at 4N1, an airport on top of small hill beside greenwood lake.  The glide was good, we did not add any power during the whole course from cut power to idle till landing.

After a normal T/O from 4N1, we headed back to KCDW, staying in the pattern, did 3 times landings, of which 2 were T/G ldg.  I felt great — although I still need working on the flare.

ATIS: Bravo

Wind V03kt, 10SM, Few 120, temp 31/16, 29.92, App RW4, Dept RW4/28

we taxi to RW28 for T/O from KCDW