Lesson 10: 3 souls on board

I took my father-in-law with me today. So Bob decided that we take a pilotage training today — flying from CDW north bound, just outside the New York Bravo airspace, maintain 2500ft, follow the I287 to Tanpanzee Bridge, then go over the hudson river, fly back along the I287 as well. it is definitely heavier with 3rd persons on board, and I felt it.

Before heading to airport, I calculated the W&B, by asking Bob’s weight as well :).

ATIS: Echo, Wind 33009kt, 10SM, SKC, temp 26/06, 29.92

Radio Comm:  Caldwell Twr, 811JD, 10 miles north east inbound, request for landing

Twr: 811JD, RW4 Left hand Side; calll when reach Lincoln Park Water Tower (which is 5 miles land-mark)