Lesson 11: Flying with Tom

First time flying with Tom as Bob’s time has been booked, and I happened to have some free time later the day.

Tom was great. We did some power on stalls, and I need to continue working on it, especially my right rudder during the stall. However, I don’t think I am afraid of it at all — especially after Tom demonstrated a spin for me — my spin awareness training.

Power on stall: 1. entry slow flight first –altitude 3500ft, ┬ácarburetor heat on, power 1500RPM, 2. maintaining the altitude, and see the speed bleeds out; 3. once speed reaches 65kts, adding power to full, pitch up, right rudder gradually, 4. as the pitch up, more and more right rudder; 5. see the pitch up, speed bleeds out, buffet; 6. continue applying right rudder (very important, and need to continue working on it); release the back pressure, 7. then back pressure, and climbing to gain the altitude.

Traffic pattern: 1 crosswind goes too far; 2. During the turn, my head should square — meaning, no movement from the position when I do level and straight flying; 3. during landing, I seems applying too much back pressure after level the pitch, causing a floating (?),

Taxi: still a some zig-zag need to work on.

Cockpit management: always put my charts available.