Lesson 20: pattern work and landing

8 T/O — most of them went very smooth — trimmed well, rudders are good, climbing are stable. I am happy with my T/O. Bob was happy with my T/O, so he gave score 2 today. (1 is highest). Nice.

(Frankly speaking, I am no longer scared by T/O around my lesson 16. Now, today, it is my first time, I feel very calm during T/O — I even try to poke the golf club now. I guess anything if I can do it in calm, that means I am ready for it. So it’s still long way to go for my landing).

Another thing I feel quite calm is my radio communication — although when the traffic is heavy in the pattern and Tower gives complicated instructions, I still need Bob to help, I don’t feel nervous too much any more, that’s a good sign). Regarding Radio communication, the archive of liveatc.net is great — I typically find the one when I communicate with ATC, and figure what I did wrong, what I did right, and what I did right but still improve, in this way — by hearing myself back, I can easily find my own problem — one example, as a foreign, I try to speak fast to catch up people, but I speak too fast, faster than a normal native English speak on the radio, make my speaking harder to understand. After I heard it, I starts to calm down myself, and try to speak slowly, I think that helps a lot — it also helps the ATC gives me instruction slower (somehow, if I speak too fast, ATC also speak faster than I can understand).

Pattern work are also stable and mostly good. One thing need to be improved is that, after abeam the number, 10degree flap, ideally, I need get about 200-300 ft out before I turn base — but I feel I always keep there 1100~1200ft (900~1000AGL) with 1700RPM and no change of my speed or altitude unless I reduce power to 1500RPM (Did I trimmed too well?).

well anyway, mostly I have about 800~700 ft when I turn final (600~500ft AGL), I get there by reduce power almost idle on my base

Bob demonstrated soft-field T/O once today. I will try it next time.

The first landing, I almost got — however, I pulls nose a little bit more before settle — there was one bounce there.

Then the 2nd landing, higher, so I decided go-around before Bob calls — he thought that’s a good decision

the 4th one is full stop, and we taxi back to rwy 22.

the last 2 landings, I did all my self

During the whole pattern, I speak loud and clear each time I do any configuration change or maneuvers. In this way, I can remind myself the steps clearly. I think that’s good to improve.