Lesson 29: Pattern Work at Greenwood Lake

We T/O from Caldwell — heads to Greenwood Lake directly — and I did not find it at all. I fly to Wanaque reservoir, and check the GPS and see the airport should be in front of me. But  I did not see it. Until there is another guy flying into Greenwood Lake and call on the radio — I see him, and see where he heads to, then I found the airport is at my left, quite away.  It is not a good sign at all.

Then I try to land at runway 24 for left hand traffic — some minor gusty wind there, push me up and down, mostly up.  So I missed tracking my airspeed, causing 2 go-around. The third time, I landed, but Bob had to intervene after touchdown for my side load.

We T/O from runway 24, heading back to KCDW. I did another 3 landings there, all are ok.