Lesson 30: Pattern Work in Lincoln Park

Continue pattern work — sky clear and wind calm.

I did 5 T/O and Landings in KCDW, 2 regular, 2 short field, — the last one, I tried to do a soft-field landing. And Bob said it feels more like a short field other than a shoft field.

4 out of 5 are OK, there is one, I think I am too left in the runway, and I had some rudder dance there — need to improve. Besides that, I need to bring the nose a little bit more during the landing, (not the flare).

After that, we headed to Lincoln Park. Tower advised there was airplane coming from north going to Morristown, at about 2500, so we need to maintain below 2000, I climb to 1700~1800ft, and the Lincoln Park is right in front — I did not find the runway at first as it is getting sunset, but the builds are clear there. Left hand traffic for runway 19. The first one, I did good — but it actually scared me a little bit — as I feel it is much faster than all the landings I did before although the speed indicator only says 65knots. I guess the narrow runway gives that feeling. Other than that, I think I did good as a short field landing. There are several deer on the grass at the end of runway 19 (around the number 1).

We taxi back, and did a short field T/O and get into the pattern again. This time, I approached too low — as the end of runway 19 there is a busy road, it is dangerous as too low, although the landing is Ok.

After T/O again, we headed north — yes north since KCDW tower does not like anybody coming from west directly. We fly around wanaque reservoir, and got the ATC, call the tower. Mark is at duty — I guess that’s him as his voice. I land as short field, and clear the runway at Bravo. Bob asked me if I can try not using brakes — but it is hard to hold my intuition to do so.

Anyway, I think today is quite productive . Last time,  I did not know how to land at Lincoln park at all — today it is improved.

BTW: I feel very confident and comfortable today to do all the T/O and Landings.