Lesson 31: Feeling great

We did several T/O and Landings (touch and go’s and full stop) at KCDW, including 2 soft field T/Os, the first one is good,  We did a soft field landing, but I think I add power too late, the airplane already touched down — although it was a good landing. Then we did another soft field landing, this time, it holds there longer, but still touch down before I close the throttle.  Then we did one emergency simulation — engine failure simulation, and short approach.  Bob pulled the throttle and said “get me onto the runway”, So I began to turn base right away. I continue to handle it with flaps. When I am on final, I was still high — I was using 30 degree flaps. So  I did the slip myself — and I made that decision. Finally, I get landed it smoothly. Bob was happy with it since he did not prompt me at all during the whole process.

Then we did the second soft field T/O,  I may lower the nose too late, and the airplane continued climbing, not really a big deal though. And we headed to Lincoln Park. Nobody was there. So I descent down into the downwind, landed at runway 1. Then back taxi from runway 1, did one soft field T/O — it was very good.

After T/O, we headed back to KCDW. We get the ATIS, 7 miles north to runway 22. Would like to join the downwind runway 4. Tower cleared us to join the downwind. I joined the downwind at exactly 1200ft (the traffic pattern altitude), although Bob said I don’t need to be that exactly, I could be still descending.  Then I asked if I can do another short approach. Tower cleared us. I pulled the power myself, started the base. This time, I start my final too early, Bob corrected me — since I still need to go to centerline before over the runway. I was still high this time, and I did some S-turn over the runway (not really S-turn but some minor maneuvers), which lead to the side load issue — I should not do such maneuvers over the runway, I can do them before over the runway. But once over the runway, I should use the landing configurations, especially I have enough runway to use — I was about 100 feet high when over, and almost touchdown just pass the 3000 mark — I cleared the runway at Bravo, is also a sign that I don’t need be that rush to touch down during engine failure (simulated emergency landing).

Anyway, going to prepare the cross-country flight next week.