Lesson 33: My first XC to KMSV


VOR works — flying against the needles, then use another VOR to decide how far. And calculate the time, as well. 

KMSV: short field T/O then simulate engine failure during T/O. Lower the nose, and managed landing back on the runway — I think I did fine on it. Need to lower the nose quicker.

KFWN, short approach over the small hill at end of runway 21 — it is a little bit scary as I don’t know if I can fly over the hill. But I managed to get it done. Did some slip to get rid of the altitude quicker during the approach.

Pilotage fly back to Caldwell. Did one landing without flaps. I was too fast, although I did land fine. After land, I turned too fast and short on runway to clear the runway. It is dangerous since the airplane CG is high, and it may be easy to fall over the wing tip.