Lesson 8- More Pattern Work

As the title states- another lesson in the pattern. I like these lessons because i like landing, especially on a long final because it reminds me of the commercial jets (definitely not because its easier:) ) I got one extended final in, and the rest were normal. I did considerably better this time, and 3 or 4 times did everything by myself! the worst part about landing is when I feel that we are a little low, but i still have to aim the nose down, before the start of the runway, in order to stay at 75-80 kts. It always feels like we are going to hit the buildings in front of runway 22 or land before the runway, but somehow it works out in the end. I feel that I would rather be a little high than low, and I love the extended finals to watch the runway go from small to large as you come closer (and because its easier:) ) Overall, today was great, and I feel more than proficient in working the pattern, although I have to work on staying at 1,200 feet on the downwind. When there was a dual prop below us taking off of the perpendicular runway, I did good at climbing a little bit, since that aircraft did not level off at 900 feet like it should have until it left the pattern. Also, I have to work on talking on the radio. I got a little nervous because I didn’t know how to respond to the controller saying things like follow the Cessna in, your third in the pattern, and also my headset or the radio kept cutting out words that I was saying, which didn’t make it easy for the controllers. All in all, I liked this flight, and feel infinitely more confident that I can do landings on my own from now on.