Lesson 9- You guessed it, landings!!

Yup, I’m back at it this month with landings, but this time I got one touch and go, as well as a full stop at Morristown, KMMU. This was my first flight in N811JD. The runway, 23, is 6000 feet long, and it is very wide too, so it was easy to land on. I took off from KCDW on 22 at November, and did 2 touch and goes before heading to morristown, did 2 landings there, and then came back for a full stop at Caldwell. This flight was also the 2nd scariest of my General Aviation life, the first one being my first stall. We were holding short of 22 at November, minding our own business, when this Cessna Citation, probably a 550, passed behind us to takeoff. We were perpendicular to the runway, and it was on the end of the runway. It throttled up, let go of the brakes, and thats when the bad stuff started to happen. There was a puff of smoke that came from the jets left wheel, which was on our right, (probably from accidentally hitting the brake) and veered towards us. It would have had to go through the grass, and then where we were, but the pilot fixed his error and the rest of his takeoff was very smooth. we went over what we would have done had the jet not turned back on course, and then headed out for takeoff. During the flight, I managed to do all 5 landings unassisted, but 1 was high, 2 were low, and on one of them I started to bounce a lot, which was where I learned to keep the yolk steady and add some power instead of pushing the yolk in and out, which would have eventually made me land on my front wheel, which isn’t good. It was cool to change frequencies from one tower to another, as I had never done that before, and in all I feel that I did a great job for today, which ended in a great landing back at CDW. Thanks for reading, and look out for my next post in the beginning of October!