Lesson 12- Soft Field Takeoffs

On Sunday, my instructor and I practiced soft field takeoffs for the first time. We got on the runway, and he did the first one. I took the traffic pattern back and then did 6 more on my own. For a soft field takeoff, you roll onto the runway and immediately start adding power. Keep the yolk fully back throughout the roll. When able, lift off the ground and fly in ground effect, and then finally lift up out of ground effect and fly normally. I really liked these takeoffs! Other than that, flying was great. I felt the start of winter in the aircraft with the better performance due to the temperature, and was pleased with my performance that day. The traffic pattern was the busiest I’ve ever flown in, and I have to learn to work the radios more fluently in that situation. Also, I have to pull back more when I’m about to hit the ground. I had one extremely smooth landing (I didn’t know we were on the ground), but I landed flat instead of on my main wheels first. I will remember that for next time, and hopefully get a perfect landing!