Lesson 15- Navigation (Actual)

Today, Dave and I went up to practice working with VOR’s. We first flew to the Sparta VOR, and then we went to a few others, using Sparta to come back to KCDW for a few touch and go’s. I learned three things from the VOR tracking- how to use it, the fact that it is very sensitive, and the sheer anger every time I over turned the knob to center the line on the gauge. For touch and go’s, I learned that I had to round out higher than I used to, and let the airplane gently make its way to the ground. I have the tendency to round out too low, and my landings are therefor more of a landing gear load test than a proper landing. During startup, I also learned a useful tip- don’t cycle the throttle before starting up, directly move it to 1/8 inch open. This is because even when the engine is off, fuel squirts in to the carburetor, and then the longer between cycle and start up, the more fuel drips back down. This can cause fire to exit the exhaust, and fire + airplanes doesn’t seem like a good equation. Overall I felt like I learned a lot more than usual, which is great. I feel much more comfortable with VOR’s, navigation and even flying later in the day when the air is more choppy. Follow up for my next flight in about a month!

Logbook Entry 5253R (C172)

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