Lesson 16- Slow Flight

today, Dave and I took 811JD out to land at Greenwood lake. We went down, and throughout the landing I was a little sloppy on keeping altitude and airspeed. We took off again and he wanted to practice slow flight for the rest of our time, so we headed back to the airport in slow flight configuration. It gave me such a better understanding about feeling the plane, and I feel infinitely more confident with my landings. At KCDW, I did everything very well right up to the runway, where I started drifting off centerline. Next time I will be more conscious about tracking centerline, and also remembering that when changing altitudes, i shod always go Pitch, Power, and then Trim. overall, the flight was very informative, and I am confident that I will be much better next time. I am good at flying, but still need help with radio work so I would like to start practicing that more.