Lesson 17- Touch and Goes

Today, Dave and I took a quick flight to the Wannaque Reservoir just to get some flying in before heading back to KCDW for touch and goes. I tend not to look to the end of the runway on my flare, and in the beginning I was way off centerline. I managed to fix these errors for one perfect landing and two near perfect ones. On the downside, however, I got two terrible ones. I was way off centerline on the first one, and hit the ground hard and at an angle. On the second, I was close to the ground and thought I had to maintain 70 its, and dived towards the runway without thinking. Luckily, nothing was too dangerous and it gave me a great lesson to remember for next time. I  realized that instead of constantly going by the books, I have to also use my feel when in the pattern, and as soon as that clicked in my brain, I got that one perfect landing down. Next time, Ill remember to do that every time. In closing, after today I feel my landings will be much better because I learned more of the ins and outs on greasing landings, so hopefully I can show off my skills next flight!