Lesson 18- Solo Prep

Today, Dave and I flew out to the practice area for solo prep. My Birthday is in October, and I plan to solo close to then. We did slow flight, stalls and steep turns, then came back to land. I did well in the slow flight and power off stalls, but had trouble keeping the aircraft coordinated during power on stalls. Dave told me it was because instead of holding rudder, i was constantly kicking it. I thought that holding it would end up overcompensating, but then I realized that if I just kick it it will end up yawing back to where it was originally. On landing, I was doing well. I was a little fast on short final, and right before we touched down I kicked the rudder again but the approach itself was definitely better, because I was doing more things myself. Im going to start flying more often so that I am 100% prepared to solo as close to my birthday as possible.