Lesson 8 – New Plane

This lesson I flew N5253R instead of N90559 which I had been flying for my last 7 lessons. The only noticeable difference between the planes was the traditional gauges vs the G1000 system that I  had gotten used to. Tom helped me locate the all of the buttons that were in different places in the new cockpit. Under Tom’s guidance I took off and maintained an altitude of 2500 ft. I held a northern heading for about 5 or 7 minutes. Then I  practiced some 35 degree turns for awhile. We next climbed to 3500 ft to do some slow flight.  In N90559 the flaps control has notches that allows you to put them down 10 degrees at a time. However, in N5253R,  there are no notches so you just have to hold down the switch. Tom told me that 3 seconds of holding the switch lowered the flaps about 10 degrees, but I kept looking at the flap angle indicator and not focusing on the windshield. This is something I can easily correct next lesson. After slow flight, Tom told me to turn back to Caldwell and I made a right turn at the water tank on my approach to the runway.  I guided the aircraft almost all way to the runway adjusting my direction, speed and altitude under Toms careful instruction. I was just about ready to touch down when the plane veered suddenly to the right and Tom quickly brought it back to the center and with his help, I landed. Overall I enjoyed this plane more because the G1000 system in the other aircraft made it feel like I was flying a simulator because I ended up staring at the same screen throughout the entire flight.