Cross Country to KMSV – 3/26/16

Today we started dual cross country training with entries into different airports.  Our flight was planned for KCDW -> KMSV.  The flight was uneventful in N5352R which is the plane I fly the least needless to say.

I also decided that this was going to be my first flight to go all digital on my charts (Foreflight) and use an iPad4 now for my charts.  My kneeboard is for this equipment, but I do keep my paper charts as backup.   I did, for this flight, also fill out a proper navlog for the trip just for practice.

We were able to get up to KMSV – as we approached I heard someone on CTAF say they were landing 33 so I assumed this was the active but it turned out that most people were doing left downwind patterns to 15 so I adjusted my flow to get in on 15.  We were able to complete that and with a touch and go departing 15 I was able to identify the ski area adjacent to the practice area and head right back into KCDW.

Tomorrow our schedule is to head to Allentown and I’ve filled out my navlog for it.  This will be my first interstate flight.



Diversions Training – 3.12.16

I haven’t had a chance to do my 3rd solo to the practice area yet.  Tom feels I’m ready but given how busy it has been at Caldwell I’ve decided to come in on a day when it’s less crowded to give it a try.

Instead we began our cross country training today with diversions.   In preparation for hit I had prepared a VFR flight plan to KMSV. Departing 28 we headed up towards KMSV passing Greenwood Lake, the Ski Area, etc.  Once past the ski area Tom asked to go to Sussex.  Using a general course between the highway and ski area I was able to navigate us there.   We passed Sussex and Tom asked to head to Andover.  I managed to fly over Andover without actually seeing it right below me (literally).

The challenge on this day was turbulence.  Definitely a day where trying to orient myself using charts and also keep the plane flying was the most challenging it’s been.  Regardless Tom graded me a 3 on this lesson.  Next up are lessons getting in and out of uncontrolled airports.  That should be exciting.