My Ground School

I’m using the following resources to help me learn the theories and practices necessary to become a competent pilot:

Live feed from KCDW Ground and Tower:

This has been an invaluable tool in developing my communication and listening skills over the radio.  This service is provided by and available via computer and an app on Android smartphones (there is a iPhone compatible app available).  I paid $2.99 for the app, which I consider a bargain.  I printed an airport diagram of KCDW and taped it to the wall behind my laptop computer so I could follow on what was going on in the air and on the ground while listening to the communications.  I would leave the feed on every chance I get on the background while my computer is on.  When I spend a lot of time in the car, I stream the feed using the Android app over the car speakers.

Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual

This text serves as the primary source of the theoretical knowledge necessary to be a private pilot.  I’m in the process of reading it cover to cover and am impressed by the color diagrams and the skill it uses to explain complex topics.

Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers

This spiral bound book serves as a complement to the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual.  The goal of this book is to explain in a precise and concise way the steps necessary to perform all the different flight operations used by a private pilot (i.e. takeoffs, landings, steep turns, emergency procedures, etc.).  Diagrams are used to help achieve this aim.

King Schools Private Pilot Written Exam Course

John and Martha King are a husband and wife team well known throughout the aviation community for their flight training videos and materials.  I have access to an older version of this training course (To be honest, MUCH older.  Sometimes I’m half expecting to see a disco ball drop from the ceiling while watching some of the videos).  John’s humor is corny as “hill” (inside joke) but I don’t mind and actually like it.  I find this a nice complement to the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual when I don’t feel like reading.

Noah Santorello’s Adventures in Aviation Flight Blog

Noah is a fellow “classmate” of mine at Fischer Aviation.  We are both training on the Cessna 172M at the flight school.  In addition, we are pretty much in the same place as far as number of flight lessons and progression through the curriculum.  His blog is incredibly detailed and a terrific source of information.  Getting his perspective on the maneuvers and mistakes he made are a great learning tool to help my own progression as a pilot.

AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine

I signed up for a free 6 month student membership with AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) and received this magazine.  It is a well written resource filled with great illustrations relevant to student pilots.  I highly recommend getting the student membership in AOPA just for the magazine.