Flight Lesson 25: TFRs, Pilotage, Manuevers, VORs, and Touch and Go’s

Today was another action packed 4 hour lesson.  The Greenwood Lake airshow was going on so there was a TFR from the surface up to 3000 ft.  We decided to go around it on our way to the training grounds in the north and Tom gave me the latitude to plan the detour.  I took out the sectional map and picked Splitrock Reservoir as the first way point.  Then, I picked Green Pond.  From Green Pond, I drew a straight line that cleared us well to the west of the TFR.  I then extrapolated the magnetic heading of the straight line using the radial from one of the nearby VORs.  I executed the flight plan and when we flew just east of Sussex County Airport, Tom directed me to head due west.

We quickly went through the standard maneuvers (stalls, slow flight, etc.) and did them to Tom’s satisfaction.  We continued to fly west and around Orange County Airport, Tom pulled the power for an simulated engine out.  I ran through the emergency procedure and entered the right downwind for runway 26.  In order to dissipate the excess altitude we had and enter the pattern altitude, we flew a left 360 degree turn.  We then made a short approach and landed on the runway.

We then proceeded to do a couple of touch and go’s at Orange County.  My radio communication and reporting skills at the uncontrolled airports is getting better.  Tom then told me to fly to Newton, NJ.  I identified Newton on the map and used landmarks to find my way there.  I increased my altitude to 4500 feet to help with the identification.  I spotted Andover Airport which is really close to Newton and from there finding Newton was easy.

Tom then asked me how else could I be sure I was at Newton.  I answered I can use VOR to triangulate my position.  He told me to do it and I entered a trimmed right standard turn, identified two VOR stations at approximate right angles to my position (Sparta and Huguenot), tuned in to both to confirm they were the right stations, and turned the OBS until the needle was centered in the FROM indication for both stations.  That gave me magnetic headings which I drew off each respective VOR radial and the lines intersected close to Newton which confirmed my position.

We then headed back to CDW for some more touch and go’s and finally landed and secured the plane.

Next stop is my pre-solo checkride!

Logbook Entry N5253R (C172)

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