Flight Lesson 36: Night Flying

The days are getting really short, which meant my 4-6 PM scheduled lesson would mostly occur during evening civil twilight.  Something came up and Tom wasn’t available so we decided that I would do some cross wind pattern work with Fischer Aviation’s newest instructor, Peter Book.

Today was actually the first time I’ve flown at night and the first time in 3 months I flew the pattern at CDW.  Combining both factors, it seemed to be a challenging training environment.  However, I was extremely satisfied with my flight skills.

My night flying impressions:

1.  It is difficult to distinguish the field from the rest of the surrounding areas, especially when making the turn from downwind to base and base to final.  Somehow, I pictured it to be lit up like a Christmas tree like in the movies but it never seemed that way.

2.  It’s difficult to judge heights because there are less landmarks visible compared to the day.

I enjoyed my time with Peter and the different perspective that another instructor brings.  At the end of today’s lesson, I had no doubt that I’m ready to solo.

Logbook Entry N5253R (C172)

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