We did stalls today, both power-on and power-off stall. That started with some clearing turns to check for traffic.

The plane was running away to the right a bit on the power-off stalls, but I got the hang of it and kept it going straight ahead by the end.

The power-on stalls were a little counter intuitive. To set up for one, we pulled the power out to slow down. Around 60 knots, we opened the throttle and pitched 15 degrees. Weee… When the stall broke we pitched ¬†down briefly and re-established a climb as the airspeed increased.

On the way back, we took a look at the sectional map to coordinate with some landmarks. We drew a line back to Caldwell and followed the lakes home. We entered a right base for runway 22 and the landing was not too shabby.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.5