Slips and More Stalls

I have a video today! It’s short, but here’s the plane and the ramp.

No wind today. We were supposed to do ground reference maneuvers, but there wasn’t any wind. So, we did some more stalls, both power on and power off. The power-on stall was a bit shaky, I had trouble keeping the wings level and the ball centered and the plane just wouldn’t stall even after pulling back as hard as I could. I think the trim was working against me.

We had the spin discussion. Spins happen when you’re in an uncoordinated stall. Typically happens when the pilot overshoots the runway centerline from base to final. He adds extra bank, pulls back, and once he adds the opposite rudder to get back, it stalls the high wing. That’s not good.

We practiced an emergency landing. Established a glide at 65, picked out somewhere to land, and went through an extended LCGUMPS checklist. Light, Cut-off in, Gas on both, Undercarriage, Mixture full-rich… and if the engine is windmilling and the mixture in doesn’t get it going again, we turn on the auxiliary fuel pump to get more fuel to the engine. If that doesn’t work, we secure the engine and hopefully have a landing spot picked out, which we did. We did an approach to a grass field and a go-around.

We were near Sussex airport at the time, so we practiced a slip landing. We established ourselves high on final, banked right and added left rudder. That brought us down quickly. Did a touch and go. We headed back to Caldwell and did another slip to land.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW->FWN
Duration: 1.4