Faulty Approaches and Landings

We stayed in the pattern today and did some faulty approaches and landings, meaning my instructor would mess up the landing and I would have to fix it. We were too high at times, too low other times, had a simulated engine failure during another. Round and round we went for 8 landings. One thing I can do better is to pay more attention to my airspeed. I can always trade some airspeed for altitude if I’m too fast, without needing to add more power so quickly.

It was hot. And that’s not some Paris Hilton line. It was really hot and those planes don’t have any air conditioning. Even with the vents open all the way, we had to open the windows on one of our downwind legs. If we had been flying at altitude, it would have been much cooler. But since we stayed in the pattern around 1200 ft, it was hot. One thing about hot days is that the plane doesn’t perform as well. This was most noticeable when climbing after takeoff. It takes much longer.

One of the nice things about hanging around the airport is that you get to see some cool things. So here are some videos I took during some downtime.

Morgan Freeman’s Plane

A Helicopter Parking

A Cirrus Taxiing Out

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.0