5 Knots Gusting to 23

It was a little windy today I must say. Anyway, I needed to get these crosswind landings down, so I went flying.

On the first try, we couldn’t even get down to the runway. The wind kept us up, so we had to go around.

Other ¬†attempts were “amusing” according to Tom. On runway 28, you tend to float up over the trees, but after you cross the road all that wonderful lift goes away. On one of the landings, the lift went bye-bye about 20 feet above the runway.. we added power to compensate, but it was still a pretty hard smack.

Another time, I found a whole lot of runway in my side window and no sky. That was at about 10 feet above the runway. We got a sudden gust that tipped us a bit at an inopportune time, but that was corrected and we touched down normally.

Other attempts were ok, albeit bumpy.


Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.4