Emergency Approaches and Landings

We practiced landings today, but these had a twist. My instructor stuck a suction cup over the airspeed indicator and played with the altimeter until it was out of whack – I didn’t know how fast we were going or how high we were. But you tend to get use to the way the runway looks, so the landings were fine.

We practiced a go-around.

After the suction cup was off and the altimeter was back in whack (what’s a whack anyway), we did power-off landings as if the engine happened to quit. We established the best glide speed and brought it in almost like any other landing. If we were too far on downwind, we would cut the base leg short and make a B-line straight to the runway (if it’s straight, why isn’t it called an I-line).

We did those with and without flaps. I found that my last landing, power-off and without flaps, was the smoothest one I’ve ever made. Hmmm…

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.1