Emergency Procedures

We headed back to the north today to practice emergency procedures. As we passed Greenwood Lake airport, my instructor pulled the throttle out and said, “What now?”

Airspeed! I slowed down to the best glide speed of 65 knots.

Best Landing Area! Clearly that was the airport, and at 3,500 ft we would make it there. We headed over to it, checked the wind sock and circled above it until we got lower.

Cockpit Checks! Meanwhile, we tried to restart the engine (not really). Fuel selector on both, cut-off in, mixture full rich, and fuel pump on.

Communicate! We called Greenwood Lake traffic to let them know we were doing a simulated engine-out emergency.

And then… if there’s time, try to start the engine again. If it doesn’t go, secure it: fuel cut-off out, mixture out, pump off, mags off, master off after flaps are down. (we didn’t actually do it – that would have made a real emergency out of the practice.)

Land! And so we did. We entered the pattern normally, and landed on runway 6.

We took off again and did the same thing at Warwick Airport. I’m glad the engine wasn’t actually out – it took me three tries to land on that runway. It’s really short.

On the way back, we did some slow flight and some steep turns. We were out West somewhere and I was unfamiliar with the terrain. I looked at the map and found myself. Turns out I was wrong. I need to open up the map some more and use more points to triangulate a position.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW – 4N1 – N72 -
Duration: 1.5