Getting Ready to Solo

AKA… Everything.

The list is long and so we started hacking away at it today. I have to demonstrate that I can perform all the maneuvers we’ve ever done.

We started with some more emergency procedures and emergency approaches at Aeroflex. That’s a small airport… and it has lakes on both ends of the runway. We ended up doing a go-around and landing at Newton. We completed some maneuvers, too. The rest is for next time.

Here’s what’s done:

Preflight Inspection
Operation of Systems
Engine Starting
Radio Communications
Normal and/or Crosswind Taxi
Before Takeoff Check
Collision Avoidance Precautions
Climbing and Descending Turns
Wake Turbulence Avoidance
Maneuvering During Slow Flight
Power Off Stall
Power On Stall
Steep Turns
Traffic Patterns
Forward Slips to a Landing

And here’s what’s left to do:

Arrival and Departure Communications
Landing at a Controlled/Uncontrolled Airport
Crosswind Takeoff
Straight and Level Flight (IR)
Climbs, Turns, Descents (IR)
Spin Awareness Discussion
Rectangular Courses
Turns Around a Point
Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
Emergency Procedures
Emergency Descent
Emergency Approach and Landing
Crosswind Approach and Landing

A couple more flights should do it.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW – 3N5 -
Duration: 1.4