We practiced hovering today.. what? You didn’t think you could hover in a Cessna 172? You can if the winds are strong enough. While practicing some maneuvers, I notice our ground speed on the GPS was about 52 knots while our airspeed was around 95 – 100 knots. Tom took the controls to do some slow flight. We tried to go backwards, but I don’t think we achieved that. But, the power lines out my window weren’t moving.

In the spirit of hovering, I have these helicopter pictures. The BatCopter happened to be in the hangar today, and getting back from our flight, we saw a Chinook landing.

Besides hovering, we did some slow flight (with distractions – Tom made me get the temperature, check frequencies, and altimeter settings).

No soloing because it was a bit windy. But we did get to practice some ground reference maneuvers. We also took N677DM instead of good old 2LP. They’re twins, but it was my first time flying a different plane.

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.3