Under the Hood

That was a lot of hood-work ┬átoday.. and it was pretty tough. A couple of minutes after takeoff, I put on a visor that blocked my view of the outside (it was hazy outside anyway – not much to look at). I tracked to the Sparta VOR and then away from it.

Tom had me do a Vx climb and a steep descent while trying to stay on the radial. We did turns, unusual attitudes, power-off stalls, and power-on stalls all under the hood. It got fatiguing and I found myself deviating more and more in altitude, track, heading…

We gave New York Approach a call and asked for a vector back to Caldwell. They had us squawk 0305 on the transponder and told us where to go. We also managed to get cleared into the Class Bravo airspace. Finally, when we were at 2000 feet with Caldwell about 5 miles in front of us, I took off the visor.

…and then we practiced some short field landings and soft field takeoffs. Most tiring flight to-date.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.2