Off on My Own

I had my last supervised solo today. Before I went off alone, I flew with Tom out to the practice area. A couple mistakes that will never happen again: I descended too quickly on the way back and would have conflicted with Lincoln Park’s traffic pattern. I also descended too far below Caldwell’s pattern (200 ft below). Finally, I forgot to go through the cockpit checks on landing, thus missing to enrich the mixture.

After landing (which could have been more on the centerline), I dropped Tom off, and headed back for another takeoff. My goal: fly out to the practice area, do an S-turn, do a turn around a point, and find my way back. So I did. I felt like I was intensely focused for the whole trip – to the point that I had to consciously relax my back muscles. But hey, it worked. I stayed at the right altitudes, didn’t forget to lean or enrich the mixture, and completed the maneuvers. During S-turns and Turns around a Point, I need to keep the upwind shallower for longer.

And now I have the privilege of soloing whenever I want (weather permitting). Now that’s sweet.

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.8