Here’s the final stretch now. I went out with Tom to review everything I’ve learn and make sure that all the maneuvers meet the “practical test standards.”

This flight also gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the area and landmarks to the west and southwest, a place we don’t typically fly.

We transitioned through Morristown and tracked the Solberg VOR. Just outside of Solberg, Tom pulled the throttle out. I made a simulated engine out landing at Somerset Airport. So far so good.

We went on to do all the maneuvers including ground reference, slow flight, stalls, steep turn, and unusual attitudes.

The challenge was finding my way back to Caldwell, but after Tom pointed out some landmarks, we headed towards it. We transitioned through Morristown again and descended into Caldwell. We practiced some short and soft field landings and wrapped it up.

Plane: N272LP (C172)
From: CDW — SMQ -
Duration: 2.1