Solo Review

I went out alone today to practice all the maneuvers. I had to get through two lessons and decided I might as well do everything in one flight.

I started off with some takeoffs and landings at Caldwell. Soft takeoff, normal landing, normal takeoff, short landing, normal takeoff, go-around. I then left the pattern and headed for the onion fields.

I practiced some slow flight. It took me a few tries before my turns were smooth.

Then some power-off stalls. I did these twice to check them off the lists. The second was better than the first.

Then some power-on stalls. It is really hard to do a power-on stall without Tom in the plane. It’s so light that it took me three tries to get it to stall.

Then some steep turns. I did these twice. I lost about a hundred feet on the first one. The second was better. Maybe +/- 50.

Then I descended towards the fields and found a barn to turn around. There was barely any wind, but I never really had a problem with ground reference maneuvers. I flew to a line of trees and did some s-turns. They were very small S’s.

I flew back to Caldwell and did a stop and go for the short field takeoff and then a forward slip to a full stop.

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW
Duration: 1.9