More Review

I went out with Tom again for more review. This was basically like our last flight.

He pulled the engine pretty early this time. We just made it to pattern altitude at Somerset, but it was windy and I kept it in too close. I was trying to keep the turn really tight onto a very short final, but it didn’t look too good. I hit the power and did a go-around. Tom claims we could have made it and mentioned we could have tightened the turn even more if we had dumped the flaps in.

We did try it a second time and all went well. But, I didn’t re-trim before I took off, so I had to hold a lot of forward pressure. Tom knew this. I saw him look back at the elevator and wrongfully assumed that he re-trimmed it. Thanks Tom.

The rest was just like the first review, but the shorts and softs were better. Although, the soft field landing can use a bit of work.

Plane: N491WS (C172)
From: CDW — SMQ -
Duration: 1.6