Final Stage Check

Ooo.. getting really close now. I went out with Kyle, another instructor, so he can evaluate all these fun maneuvers. Beforehand, though, he gave me an oral exam on all this flying stuff.

What kind of engine does the plane have? What instruments can you do without? What planes can’t you fly? Tell me about Hypoxia. What does all this stuff mean on the chart? etc…

Then we went flying. We basically went through all the same stuff in the review flights. A simulated emergency at Somerset, maneuvers, navigation, and landings.

On our way back, Caldwell was really busy. Combine that with a trainee controller and you get “677DM, stay clear of the Class Delta.” Wonderful. So, we circled around out to the Northwest. There were about 4 planes in the pattern and we heard two others besides us coming in.

Eventually, we prompted the controller and he gave us a runway assignment.

Kyle signed off on the flight, so next up is the big one: the FAA practical exam.

Plane: N677DM (C172)
From: CDW – SMQ -
Duration: 1.5